The only thing the Cracks are waiting on is an opponent. Will it be the Criminoles or BCB? Will the 29ers continue their run in the postseason?
Week after week, the Flies keep getting it done. A rare clash of division leaders in final week gives them another opportunity to prove themselves.
Who'd a thunk a few weeks ago that the Heffies would have clinched a playoff spot before the final regular-season week?
Not the best time to be slumping. If the Flukes lose here, they very well could get a rematch with Flies in first week of playoffs.
With backs against the wall, defending champs pull through against challenging Dawgs. Now, with a win against lowly Fish, another playoff run in store.
Banged up a little bit, but DMC will enter the playoffs just like they like it -- quietly. First, there's a meaningless game in final week.
As inconsistent as Aggies have been, they still have a realistic shot at division title. Not sure what happens after that, however.
Like Blowholes. BCB hasn't had a ton of luck this season, and in a bit of irony, only Prange stands in the way of the Blitz making the playoffs.
It is looking like another just-miss season for the Dawgs, who need some divine intervention to make the postseason.
A very strange situation for Noles, who are playing a meaningless game this week. Playoffs solely hinge on whether or not Blowholes beat BCB.

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Mojo Xpress: P/U JKasay (15), KOrton (15), LNaanee (15); cut NFolk, MMassaquoi, BBerrian
DMC: P/U THeap (15); cut KBoss
Poons: P/U PHillis (25); cut RGrant

Bohnheads: P/U MVick (25); cut RGrant
Hi-Steppers: P/U BJackson (25); cut LMurphy
Flies: P/U LNaanee (15); cut LMoore